Fear or just lazy

Warning this is more of a personal memo for myself:

Over the last couple years I’ve had a hard time. Since my horrible pregnancy, I just haven’t found my spunk. I think about it almost everyday, however fear and let’s face it laziness just keeps me for doing much to change. I hardly even wear my workout clothes in the last couple years. I used to only wear them. I’ve had ups and downs with my weight, yet always been sum what active still. Heck, I would be a horrible mother if I didn’t. 

However fear, of getting hurt or frustrated that I’m not as strong as I was before. Has kept me away. I’m not happy with how I look in the mirror, yet I’m still proud of what my body has done for me. After all it gave me the love of my life. My daughter! 

Now that I’m off work dealing with other health issues, I find myself finding time. Time I know what is that. Haaha. Well between watching my daughter swim or jump on her trampoline. I find moments where yes I could be working out. Yet, again I’m lazy. 

I don’t want to be lazy, I wanna spend my life living! 

I don’t want to be wasting my time feeling unhappy, I want to feel great and powerful. 

I don’t want to feel frumpy, I wanna rock my hottest outfits. 

I don’t want to fear, being my best self. 

I don’t want to be winded, I wanna jump/ swim/ run with my kid. 


Time to start living.

Side note got my hair cut, love it! 

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Why I’ve been gone

Since early last year, I’ve been dealing with some health issues. I’ve even started another blog to talk about it or have a outlet so to speak. This has made all my workout hopes and dreams be put on the back burner. Which is more then devastating to me. Nothing worse then not even being able to make up the excesses.  Haaha,  I know weird since of humor.

Any who, if you’d like to read more check out https://pinkribbonsandwine.wordpress.com/

Here’s hoping all gets better soon so i can come back.. Sorry.

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#WorldCancerDay 2016

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Don’t give up

For those struggling and wanting to quit.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
~Arnold Swartzenegger

Never, ever, ever give up! Don’t let a fall stop you from finding your goals

After a nasty fall on my treadmill, I think i needed this more then you guys.

How to make a comeback: 3 Tips
1- Don’t punish yourself for your current condition: It is easy to feel bad and beat yourself over and over again for regressing and going back to a “Before Picture” condition. Yet, this is not productive. The best thing to do at this point is ACCEPT the fact that you are in whatever shape you are in and KNOW that with the plan you will implement the “After Picture” condition will be just around the corner.
2- Don’t embark into an overly ambitious program: The worst thing you can do at this point is try to get back to the same program that you were doing before and use the same amount of weight that you used to lift. This is a rapid way to get excessively sore, and possibly injured as the joints need time to ease back into training. At the same time, you are opening yourself up to getting extremely frustrated as chances are that you cannot lift the same amount of weight that you used to do before. Remember, that at this point, the key is to not overwhelm your body with a complicated program that will send your cortisol hormone levels through the roof. Your comeback program should be one that focuses on getting you back into the swing of things, retraining your nervous system on how to activate its muscle fibers with each movement and getting your joints back into fighting condition.
3- Don’t embark into a fad diet: Many girls who (and guys do this too) who get back after a layoff embark into a fad diet to speed-up the process. This is a sure way to fail as fad diets, like zero carb diets, cripple your thyroid levels and increase your cortisol levels. The end result is a lowered metabolic rate which means that it will be much easier for you to gain fat at a lower caloric range! And once your thyroid production is compromised it will take time to bring it back up to optimal levels.

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24 day AdvoCare Challenge

Thats right you read the head line correct. I took the plunge after debating it over the last two years. I decided why not? Funny cause as soon as I told my husband (oh yeah we got married since my last post) he said sign up tomorrow. I love having such a support system. Ok got off track. I’m now a sales distruter for AdvoCare. I picked AdvoCare cause I like how it’s all natural and they want you to eat real food. Yes, you heard that correctly. I said Food! Even on the 24 day “reset” challenge. They want you to eat natural/ healthy food. I love that, since most sales diets, want you to pretty much starve yourself. No, I’m not about that. I want real food, and simple products. Something that’s going to help me, not stress me out about when and how and why. I’ve never even tried they’re products till becoming a sales rep. But I knew I’d love them, since it’s everything I want from supplements. All natural/ real products, that keep my energy high, and something that easy to use. They have great on the go packs, so it’s hard to mess things up. If you’d like to know more here’s my link;  

So it’s so simple; take a couple pills and a fiber packet before having my breakfast. Ok, pills simple, I usually take vitamins so that’s easy for me. As for the fiber, kinda gross, but it’s easy to shoot like a shot. Not the worst thing I’ve had. Then I had my breakfast steel oat meal with a hint of cinnamon & honey. Then I had a snack a few hours later which was a apple with a side of spark (so in love with this product) it’s packed with vitamins that rev up your metabolism for extra healthy energy. Then it was lunch time, had a trader joes kale & chicken salad. Yummy, so in love with trader joes, God please build one closer to me. (Just putting it in the universe) Then snack time again if finish up my apple from this morning (work got busy) and a 2% cottage cheese cup. Dinner time I always load up on veggies, tonight we had chicken, asparagus and broccoli slaw. Then after bath time with the kiddo aka pixie, it was time for omgea 3 and probiotic pills. All end all feeling pretty good, energy levels are good. 

As always thanks for reading my post.. Has anyone else ever done the AdvoCare 24 day challenge??

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Don’t over think it…

so I’ve told you about my treatments and life change. Now that I’ve been off work for a while, I feel like I’ve got a good control of my treatment and medication. And since my scans have shown improvements. I’m going back to work.

Today was my first day back. I must say went pretty good. I’m also trying to get myself back on the healthy/ fitness track again. Since I’ve been down this track before I keep overselling myself by over thinking it. 

I’ve read my eyes crazy, pinned a few different boards, learned about all kinds of diets, so it’s very easy for me to over process myself into a bunch of excuses for not picking just one. 

If I’ve learned anything about myself, I like to day each day for what it is, one step in front of the other. I enjoy a very simple life as long as I have a Starbucks in hand. So I’m going back to how I got started before. Slow and baby steps, this is very hard if you’ve already done this. I find myself wanting to jump ahead and skip steps. Then of course I find myself looking at the mirror woundering what’s not working. 

So baby steps, back to the start line. You have to learn to walk before you an run, right? So I’ve started with my food first cause that was a hard lesson last time. Clean, lean and green I’m coming for you. After working on that for a few weeks I’m now working on making sure I eat enough and offen. Watching my portions so I can fit all five meals in. Which is hard when it’s hot out. Who wants to eat when it’s 100+ outside? 

Now back to work I’m sitting all day so I’m making sure I stand and stretch every couple hours. Coming home trying to keep the movement going, from cleaning, cooking, chasing pixie pants( who’s 2 now, crap) and after my mommy duties and soon to be wife duties are done. I make sure I at lease workout or stretch before my shower. After all our wedding is in 19 days. Nothing like adding sum stress to my life as I’m trying to find balance. Ugh! 

My goals are to find my way to getting up early a couple days a week for cardio. Start my body going first thing, keep my food in check, and drink plenty of water. 

Tell me about your story of starting over? Are you a baby stepper? 

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After a long weekend

geez. What a great long weekend! Funny how we all look forward to having days off. But it’s always been more work to make up for the times off. Plus you have to plan/pack/ unpack.. Oh geez. I’m tired just thinking about it again. Even staying home can be hard work. Lol! Time for a vacation from our vacation 😍

Funny how it never works that way. So even tho I’m off work. Planning a wedding & my daughters 2nd birthday party keep me pretty busy. Not to mention doctors appointments/ treatments/ scans. Ugh! I’ve never really had a busy calendar till now. Haaha but it keeps me on my toes. 

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Life gets in the way

i relize I don’t have any followers. Which is due to my lack of blogging. I guess I’m just so lost when it comes to blogging. However I love being able to write my thoughts and put them out they’re for the world to judge me.. Lol! 

So I’ve felt for a long time, well since I started this blog that I’ve not been 100% myself. Maybe because I’m scared to share my scars. I’m over all of that. They are who I am! So don’t mind me while I take you on a road trip it won’t be long, I’m only going to touch on a few things that make me,me. 

When I was in my 20’s, yep in my 30’s so I feel like I can say that. I had no idea what I was doing with my life I’ve always worked and had great jobs. I’ve always just worked hard and moved right up the ladder. Fairly easily. At 25, I lost a really good friend, and he reminded me that you can

Make all the money in the world but if your not happy , your not happy. So off to college I went, I love to decorate, it’s always come easy to me. Love straight lines.. Anywho, while getting my degree I learned I had breast cancer. Yes, the big c word. That news floured me like it does anyone. But even more so since this is what I lost my mother to at a very young age. 

With the best doctors, and my young age we decided being aggressive as possible was best. And we’ll I got new boobs out of it. Lol! As you can tell I stayed positive the whole time. This was life changing for me to say the least. We all have those moments in life that just change us, and for the better. 

After all my treatments and finding fitness and a new outlook on life. Life was really going somewhere for me. I loved life I fell in love with getting healthy and finding my strength. It’s been a slow journey, but I’ve ran and few 5k’s and couple mud runs. Found the love of my life, even had a baby. She’s my pixie, I just love her more then anything.

Now finding my new place in this world being a mom. I’ve struggled again with getting myself back on track. I was working out, eating right yet nothing I did before was working. Finally I started having health problems again. Now 9 years cancer free it’s found me again. Only this time in my liver. Yep the c word is back in my life. 

I found it this time by having gallbladder pain and symptoms. Which took me to the emergency room. Now undergoing treatment again.. Ugh! But keeping my positive outlook. Treatments are going well so far. I’ve even found my fitness step again. Yet still striving for a slow and steady journey. 

I’m hoping that if all still goes well maybe this story or my story will help you find your path, or relize that even you can look past the scares and it’s just a mark of your story. I hope to keep everyone updated and maybe one day start working on my path to becoming a fitness motivator. 

Do you have a story you’d like to share or know someone who’s fighting the c word? I’d love to hear from you. 

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Week 1 of 8 BIKINI Series

Working on the first week of 8.

Good morning everyone, I’m super excited for this week. I’m a 2014 Bikini Series Challenger. I’m hoping to remember to keep you all updated as I go through this very fun series. I’ve do this series before and really enjoyed it, so here to me getting ready for summer.  I know it’s challenging for any new mom to really stick to a plan for to long, especially one that require you to get up early and get cardio in.  I know it hard for me since that means I’m just at 4:30 yuck! But if you want it bad enough you just do it. And I want it, I’ve already had a couple speed pumps, this week. Pixie cough (hand foot and mouth) which the doctor told us is a virus, yuck. I guess its going around and we did take her to a birthday party go figure. Gotta just keep your kids in bubbles while trying to complete. Haaha. So sleep has been rough this week but I’m still working out.  Enough with that yucky stuff. On to my week so far.

Day 1: one step closer to rockin’ this awesome summer! This year we have the choice to pick either 10 miles by summer or 150 miles by summer. Mind you this is only cardio miles. So it not every step you take, it not go for a walk and kill it kind of thing. It’s foe every 10 minetes of cardio equals 1 mile. During the love your body series, I went for the 100 miles, and I found that I’m such a cardio brat that it was semi easy for me to complete. And well I’m looking to really try and push myself for change so I’m going for 150 miles this time around.. Holy heck did I just say that out load..Time to dig deep..

Day 2: already feeling my hard work paying off! My sunset challenge was to take before pictures, I’m so not brave enough to put them up. However I did take them.. Eck so much work to do.

Day 3/ sunset challenge is all about setting goals.
My goals in this challenge is to work on my running. By educating my self on posture and stance. Making sure that I’m using proper form, less strain on the knees. Next goal; continue to work on my post baby weight loss. I plan on doing so by continuing to remind myself that this isn’t a race, but a process. I’ve been doing great from going for a size 12 right after having my pixie, to now sitting at a size 8 almost 6. However my summer clothes from pre baby are staring at me from my closet. I’m hoping by summer we’ll be playing soon. Third but not least, challenging myself to dialing in my micro nutrition. I’m pretty good at knowing what I’m putting into my body through out the day, but my micro nutrition could be balanced better.
What can I say I’m a work in progress, and this isn’t a race.. I can do this. #bikiniseries

Good news Pixie is feeling better, and now time to plan for the rest of the week.

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Less then one week

Till my favorite time of year.

I look forward to this every year. It’s a big jump start for me to kick my butt into gear for summer time. And if you know me, you know I love summer. This year it’s a even bigger deal, since I’m back in the game this year, with of course sum hiccups. However I’ll make this bikini series my bitch for the next 8 weeks. Oh yeah. It’s on this year, I’m going to get up early for my bootycalls. Yes even if that means 4am, NO EXCUSES! If I’m going to ever reach my goals then I’m up! I’m not even going to set goals, I’m just doing it. I’m all signed up, even got my starter pack, pull out the last couple years worth of notes, oh yea this isn’t my first time, this is the third. This is my year! I’m going to work my butt off to make my summer clothes fit. Who’s with me? Or just keep up with me.. Haaha’ let’s rock this summer!

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